biomed Dr. Wieser GmbH

We develop, adapt and manufacture - according to your specifications

higly accurate and temperature-stable absorbance-photometers

as standalone machines or to be integrated in your products.


Reading Type Direct reading or flow Cuvette
Cuvette Sizes Measuring cell be adapted to any cuvette size
Light Source one or two LED
Detector Selective photo-receiver for elimination of ambient light

USB or RS232

The Module reads the transmission and computes the optical density

Wavelength Range 340 - 1000nm
Absorbance Range: 0,0 - 3,5 OD (400-1000nm) and 0 - 3,0 OD (340-399nm)
Resolution: 0,0001 OD (0,1 mOD)

± 0,005 OD (for 0 to 0,5 OD) and ≤ ± 1% (for 1 to 3,5 OD)

Power Requirements

Powered via USB - or 10V unstabilised DC / 1-2 W

Electronics DA - converter with 19 bit effective resolution

Asynchron port up to 115 kBaud